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It has been two years since YouTube Premium launched. First known as YouTube Red, the service is now bundled with YouTube Music Premium and offers a bunch of perks for a better viewing and listening experience. However, even though it is its two-year anniversary, YouTube Premium hasn’t exactly exploded in popularity. The relentless sign-up pop-ups certainly didn’t help, but there are solid arguments in favor of subscribing.

So, if you are yet to give Premium a try, we are here to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about YouTube Premium.

If you regularly watch content on YouTube, most Premium subscription perks are as good as they sound. To start off, it is hard to understate how great the ad-free experience is. Many of us use ad blockers on our PCs, but advertisements are much harder to escape on mobile. With the implementation of double pre-roll and unskippable ads, YouTube Premium’s ad-free experience is pretty much a necessity for anyone that spends a significant amount of time on the platform.

Watching your favorite creators on the big screen of your TV when casting or using the smart TV app is also a lot more pleasant without constant interruptions. The experience is truly ad-free too: this means no trailers for YouTube originals or anything of the sort.

Speaking of creators, however, YouTube Premium has another great advantage which is not mentioned enough: revenue sharing. A Premium subscription supports the YouTubers you love because YouTube shares a portion of the revenue for every view they receive from subscribers. This supposedly includes demonetized videos too.

The good stuff doesn’t end there, however. The access to Premium Music included in your subscription is underrated, to say the least. The service has a huge catalog of songs. I was personally able to find every obscure song I could think of. Even if some weren’t available as song files, I could still listen to the music videos with my screen locked.

The variety of genres and artists would please even the most snobby music fans. For them, a YouTube Premium subscription could be worth it for the tunes alone. It only costs $2 more per month than Spotify Premium, with additional YouTube perks to boot.


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