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A lot is happening at General Motors and we couldn’t be more excited. For us, change means improvement, which is why we’re eagerly getting down to the business of restructuring, to build a better company.

At General Motors, we’re reinventing our vehicles, our company and our place in the world.
Welcome to the official GM Facebook Community! Join us by sharing your thoughts, photos of your GM vehicles, telling your story and participating in ongoing conversations. While we do encourage you to use this space as an open forum, we ask that you always respect the opinions of fellow community members. We put together some simple guidelines to follow when joining the GM Community:

DO contribute to discussions and interact with other community members through respectfully sharing ideas; however, do not use profanity or hateful speech, threaten others or make personal attacks.

DO add value to the conversation by sharing accurate, relevant and credible information; but please do not post content irrelevant to the conversation, self-promotional materials, inaccurate content, SPAM or other content that doesn't further the conversations taking place in the community.

DO provide positive and constructive feedback; do not attack anyone in the community. We understand and recognize that there will be disagreements, however, we expect everyone to share their thoughts in a rational and respectful manner.

DO share links, text, images and other content that belongs to you, or that you have permission to share; do not share copyrighted material that you do not have the appropriate permission to post in the community.

Important Notes:

While we'd love to get everyone behind the wheel of a GM vehicle, this community is not the right place to resolve complaints about a particular GM vehicle. Your complete satisfaction is important to us. We have facilities, representatives, technicians, tools, and up-to-date information to promptly resolve your questions or concerns. We provide multiple convenient ways to contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (

Also, we reserve the right to delete posted content that is vulgar or offensive or that does not comply with the Facebook Terms for the use of Facebook Additionally, violators may be warned, and in some cases, repeat offenders may be banned from the page. The Facebook Terms govern your use of this site and you should review those Terms carefully in connection with any posting you submit.

Please keep in mind that from time to time GM, or others who post on this page, will link to third party articles and websites as a way of sharing GM news and information with you. Please keep in mind that when you use these links, you will be moving to an environment with content that GM did not create and does not control. As a result, GM cannot take responsibility for the content on these third party sites.

For information on the GM Privacy Statement, please visit


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